Namipunga Polar Expeditions



Tour Description

The schedule is variable and depending on the shape/speed of the group.

11-12days skiing

1day break (depending on the shape of the group)

3days on board MS Nordstjernen

All participants sleep in tents provided by the tour operator Namipunga Polar Expeditions.

Two participants will sleep in one tent (tent team). We will use tents made for three people - enough space for all of your equipment, personal gear and space for cooking.

Namipunga Polar Expeditions provides various dehydrated mountaineering food for lunch. You can chose your meals after booking. We will send you a list with all the available meals.

+++ We need between 3000 kcal und 3500 kcal energie per day!!! +++

We cook REAL for dinner. All needful ingredients and pre-fried meat, cooker and pots are provided by Namipunga Polar Expeditions. We take the waste back to Longyearbyen.

minimum quantity  :        6 people

maximum quantity :        9 people

The group will be led by an experienced, armed guide, providing all needed safety, rescue and communication equipment.
For polar bear safety during night time we will set up a trip wire around the camp.

The expected temperature end of may / beginning of june is expected between -10°C und +3°C. Your sleeping bag should fulfill those requirements inside the comfort zone - please check your sleeping bag.

If there are any doubts - ask us.

During that time we will have 24 hours of daylight!

The group will solely move on snow covered glaciers!
The daily stages are between 6 and 8 hours (breaks and photo stops not included).

The participanst should be able to pull a heavy expedition sledge (30-50kg) the mentioned time.

The tour operator is willing to help with the preparation of your journey. If there are any questions, please ask us.

We would be pleased to help you creating a plan for your personal training to get you in the shape you need.

Contact us!

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